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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A New Adventure Begins...

You may or may not have heard by now that I am leaving in June to start my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

But before I tell you about that, lets back up for a moment and talk about the process...and the timeline.

Back in April 2010 I started exploring the Peace Corps website (if you've been thinking about it, the website is a good place to start). I started my online application April 2010 and it took me about two weeks to finish. Afterward, I was sent more papers to fill out to help determine my skills for this job. Time passed and finally I was contacted my the Regional Recruitment Office in Chicago. I drove to Chicago for my Interview in July 2010. I was nervous as hell, but confident. I knew this was something I could excel at. On July 14th, 2010 my recruiter, Kristin Wegner, emailed me. I had moved from applicant to nominee! I was nominated to leave June 2011 to teach science, in Africa. And that was all I knew.
I worked hard to complete my medical and dental forms because I had to clear medical and dental to move on in the application process. I finished them both by late September. I was then told to keep volunteering. I needed to show I was still committed to this dream. So, I started tutoring biology students at Superior High School. Months past by. O.o
When I heard from Peace Corps, it was because they wanted my updated resume, wanted to know what I had been doing since July. So I sent it to them.
...more waiting.
Like 23 weeks of waiting. That's a lot of waiting.
And for those of you who think I'm not patient. I was.

Finally, with June creeping up quickly, I got a call from Washington D.C.
April, 11th 2011
Some follow up questions, and a unofficial welcome as an invitee. :) But where? I still didn't know
I got my official invitation by mail on April, 14th 2011 (my birthday) I felt that this was properly planned by peace corps. :)
I was invited to Teach Science to 7th-12th graders leaving June 10th 2011 in Liberia, Africa.
I sent them my acceptance email on Saturday and sent out my paperwork the week after.

I'm all set to go, aside that I still have to pack and decide what to pack as well as set up my plane tickets for travel. I will be serving for two years and have 10 weeks of training before those two years start.

Next post will be all about Liberia where I will be living. I'm excited to start this (still nervous and scared too) do something I believe in and put my degree and character skills to work. I couldn't have asked for a better country to be placed in. I'm on the coast. Ocean views, and little sharkies, here I come!

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